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Our company is dedicated to publishing and distributing books on science, technology, religion and history. In particular we are interested in publishing and distributing book that deal with the correspondence of science and religion, how they support each other, and what are their seeming contradictions. As Albert Einstein said many years ago “There exists a close connection between science and religion, science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind”.

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ALLEN A. SWEET received his doctorate in electrical engineering and physics from Cornell University, as well as a BTS from the Episcopal Diocese of California’s School for Deacons. He has written two previous books.

C. FRANCES SWEET received a BA in social sciences from San Francisco State University and a BTS from the Episcopal Diocese of California’s School for Deacons. Ordained to the permanent diaconate in 1991, she has served many parishes and hospitals in Southern California and in the Bay Area. Fran is married to Allen, and together they have seven grown children and one grandchild.

FRITZ JAENSCH was born in Germany in 1934. He is a farmhand by trade. Fritz is the translator of Siberia and Northwestern America, 1788-1792, and holds a BA and MA in history from Sonoma State University.Fritz grew up during the Nazi period in leading up to World War 2. During this period Fritz had to endure a three year absence of his mother who was accused of alleged underground activities by the Nazi regime.


“The Unity of Truth” is a commendable attempt in seeking the unification of the scientific truth and the religious truth— the greatest riddle before human kind. The exposition is lucid, methodological and logical. The line of argument teaches us as it delights. This book will undeniably constitute an irrefutable and convincing approach in establishing the unity of truth as inferred by votaries of science and that perceived by followers of religion. Any rational mind familiar with scientific methodology is bound to appreciate the conclusions arrived at, as all his articles of faith remain intact. The main plank on which the argument rests is in invoking the a-causal behavior of quantum mechanics at measurement as God’s message to human beings without violating the laws of conservation of energy.

Dr. S. P. Puri, Professor and past Chariman, Department of Physics, Panjab University, Chandigah India

A rich portion of the text is concerned with paradox. As I read, I realized that scientists and mystics often take a very different approach. Whereas scientists seek to reconcile paradoxes, mystics tend to enter them and pray them. Therefore, to this mystic, quantum activity becomes a way to analogize the divine rather than explain the divine. Part of my approach to God, as you say elsewhere in the text, is that I can never know God as God is, but I can hear those parts of God that speak to me. Quantum theory helps to give form to this experience.

Rev. Carol Luther, Episcopal Priest and Chaplain of St. Paul’s School, Oakland California

Thank you for allowing me to read and review your book. I am now thinking about my spiritual and earthly journey in ways that I have not previously considered as a result of this experience. What a gift!

Connie Conley-Jung Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist in private practice, Alameda California

This book provides the basis for a dialogue bringing science and religion into a single cohesive unit.

Gill Lane MS, Analog Electronics Consultant in private practice, Palo Alto California