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All power is within you and all power comes from God.

All power is within you and all power comes from God. You must wear the knowledge of God about you like a garment or a skin that can’t be removed.
From that you draw strength. Among other things personal power is a combination of strength and destiny. You know this in your work, and you succeed by giving your power to a higher and greater plateau. You recognize that not every day is filled with major
discoveries, but major discoveries always depend on developing a platform built on meticulous preparation. You find in business that as you give so shall you receive. So it shall be in your personal life. When you share yourself, the self becomes stronger. When you hide your weaknesses, they become a cancer that eats your spirit. But when you live the stalwart fourth wright life weaknesses do not show. Only God is perfect. You cannot even strive for perfection, for to do so is to become God. Though you may call it perfection, what you must strive for is the highest form of beauty.

Become like a crystal through which God can shine in all of his perfection. For when God shines through you, you know the most ultimate of personal power. To know that as long as you follow on the path of rightness you become stronger, and with strength you generate more power. There are many ways to give of yourself in a just way without revealing all that is precious to you. It is your duty to discover these ways and to merge them impenetrably with loving and giving. Volunteer nothing but give everything. Never sacrifice yourself but give. Don’t waste time on those who follow another path. You can’t cure their ills or save them. Come to know yourself fully and you shall know God. You are a rainbow. When you live according to what you know, then God shines through you. Every day is a day for making rainbows, but you can’t create it, only share it. Above the gray cloud of manmade smoke lies the blue cloud of heaven, the unalterable. All things that are of God are good, and therefore serve man in the holy work of God. Therefore all things that are of man have the potential to be good and reach to God. Form a study group based on philosophy. Adhere to a practice of sharing good ideas and good food. Form a prayer band for world peace.


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