The Cosmic Mind

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Response to Stuart Kauffman: The Paradox of Divine Action and Scientific Truth

We three authors compare and contrast Stuart Kauffman's concept of the “cosmic mind” with similar ideas developed in our recent book, The Unity of Truth: Solving the Paradox of Science and Religion (IUniverse, 2012). Albert Einstein was known to have said:
“Science without religion is lame, religion with science is blind.” We authors make use of the “paradox resolution” methods of physics to find a non-conflicting method by which God's actions communicate with human beings without violating any of the laws of
science. The “communications paradox” is resolved by hypothesizing non-causal quantum-mechanical measurements as the way God communicates. the quantum-mechanical resolution of the “communications paradox” is completely consistent with
both theist belief and the laws of science, whereas Kauffman's “cosmic mind” concept is
seen to be consistent with pantheism.

Allen A. Sweet is an adjunct professor of electrical engineering at Santa Clare University. He received his doctorate in electrical engineering and physics from Cornell University, as well as a BTS from the Episcopal Diocese of California's School for

Deacon C. Frances Sweet was ordained by the Episcopal Church in 1991, received aBA in social sciences from San Francisco State University and a BTS from the Episcopal Diocese of California's School for Deacons.

Fritz Jaensch, a committed Christian thinker and student (BA and MA in history from Sonoma CSU), was sponsored by Hannah Arendt. He emigrated to the United States from Germany with the commitment to learn and contribute what he has learned.


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